Hi everyone, I just bought a 02 Waverunner FX140 with now 45 hrs from a family friend. Problem is the fastest I have been able to get it moving is 41mph, and it takes a few turns for it to start up on initial start up.

I'm assuming it needs a tune up, especially since the previous owner said it was sitting for 7 years in a garage. I have a decent mechanical background as I do all the work on my daily driver and my 97 240sx that sees the race track for drifting every now and then. I checked the air filter, its pooched, so I just ordered the Riva one. I will replace the spark plugs with the ones specified in the owners manual. As for changing the oil, I read to get a filter for a Yamaha R1 which is fine. I have also read that some people dont use marine oil and in fact use automobile oil? Is this correct, if it is I have an almost full box of Royal Purple 10w/30 that I would like to use just to keep initial costs down.

Can anyone elaborate on the use of automobile oil? I saw a few people talking about it in other threads but I want some more detail before I screw something up.

Thanks Phil