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Thread: overheating?

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    Ski is overheating after WOT runs and if I cruise for a while and cut it off and restart it?????? I know strainers in correctly, guess I should pull T-Stat and look? 100degree air and 85 water temps.

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    do you have extra cooling to the engine
    you may need to remove the thermostat

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    Stock cooling, I have read that removing the t-stat will have GIO problems?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gashog301 View Post
    Stock cooling, I have read that removing the t-stat will have GIO problems?
    GIO may become an issue when the outside and water temperatures starts dropping. If you opt to remove your thermostat, just replace it as temperatures drop.
    Possibly just debris partially clogging it - a remove and immediate reinstall (to replacement) may be all it takes.

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    is happening in a lot of skis down here, swap your ECU and test again, heard some R3 flashes are causing this problem. They will turn the overheating light then the ski is off for a minute and it wont come up till you give it a couple of wot runs mostly like 15 minutes rides. just my 2 cents.

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    Ran it all last summer no prob, that leads me to believe its got a blockage or the t-stat gone bad. going to test on Friday with no t-stat and blow some lines out.

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    By the way the t-stat has the gasket on it, do you put anything back like some permitex or something?

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    I was afraid I was gonna have overheat problems with my R3 so I ended up getting the Riva cooling kit. Was out last weekend: 107 air temp, 89 water and no issues running the crap out of it. I was too afraid to yank the thermo out with the gio problems.

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    just ordered the cooling kit

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    Overheating FZR

    Quote Originally Posted by gashog301 View Post
    just ordered the cooling kit
    Did you manage to solve your overheating problem? Facing the same issue on my FZR but I already have the Riva engine cooling and breathing kit. Ended up removing my thermostat and replaced the engine temperature sensor and exhaust temperature sensor but still get the annoying overheating alarm then limp mode. I have no water blockage and Riva strainer is installed the correct way. Water pisses out the side hull exit from the R&D watercooled S/C housing and oil cooler and pisses out the two back exit channels under the seat!. I ended up replacing the head gasket to riva pro series and resurfaced the cylinder head but still getting the same problem! Engine has no misfire nothing but after a few WOT runs overheating alarm & symbol goes off! I just pulled the engine out from the hull and thinking of diassembling it into piece as stuck. Any ideas anyone!?

    Current mods - R8 reflash with 725cc injectors, Riva E1 impeller, gen3 s/c shaft + R&D watercooled housing, Riva stage 3 on engine mods but didn't do the 160mm pump upgrade. Riva valve train upgrade and Pro series Head gasket. TBM cone & sponsons. Innovate AFR gauge + Bosch O2 sensor and just got the innovate engine water temperature gauge kit and boost gauge kit.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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