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    Polaris software

    I was told this last weekend that you can now get the software to put on your labtop so you can hook up and analize a 1999 genesis 1200 with fitch injection. Is there any truth to that, in the past only dealers could use the software because it was protected by polaris. Anybody know if it is now available since they quit making them quite a few years ago?

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    Who told you what exactly?

    Details might be helpful.

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    I would but I don't have anymore information than the fact that he said you could get the software off of here so you can hook up to the emm and analize your ski. I found this post after I posted up this question, would this maybe be it. I copied and pasted it below.

    Polaris Diagnostic software PODIAG - LINK!

    I am throwing this up for anyone to get. I had such a hard time getting it that I don't want others to have the hassle I did.
    I JUST got this, and have not tested it, but I feel it is complete, and it came from another member on here. It is virus free, I can assure you that.
    It is zipped up, there are 25 files. You will need to create a bootable floppy disk, THEN copy all the files to the disk.
    I am in no position to provide support beyond that, but at least now you have the file. When I get a chance I will upload KADIAG (Kawasaki) also.
    Support and how to make the cables can be found pretty easily on this forum.


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