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    Polaris SLTX 1050 will not start

    Just got this less than a week ago. Its a 99 Polaris Sltx 1050. Took it to the lake Saturday, and it started up, ran fine. At the end of the day after we had taken a rest, starting it up was harder...and the more I tried, the harder it was till the battery read "LoBat". So I pushed it on the trailer and went home.

    Was away the last 3 days but got home and tried to start it again, after putting it on a trickle charge. Battery seems fine, Im choking it halfway, but no fire, just turning...not starting. Finally it started to read LoBat again. So I'm done. Trickle charging it again. Took it to a tester and they tested it, OK, but came out as a low battery.

    Any suggestions? I'm not a mechanic but I can follow directions if I understand them.



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    check for spark first with a spark tester ($10 autoparts store) or take the plugs out and look for spark. if spark, put plugs back in, use full choke, if no luck take the air cleaner off and dribble some fuel into the carbs and try to start again.

    Personally I'd use a little starting fluid, but I think the guys on here frown on it. Not good for the cylinder lubrication.

    Always make sure battery is fully charged too. If voltage drops too much you'll loose your spark.

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    Have you did a compression check on it? These things like 120 or better on all cylinders.

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    I want to thank you all for your input. I dribbled fuel into the carbs and it fired right up. I haven't done a compression check, as I do not know how, and I don't own a gauge. I also do not know how to do a spark check. I know it sounds bad that I don't know even the basics of these, but I'm willing to learn. I did a search on YouTube and I also downloaded the service manual.

    On a related note, and i realize that it might be a little late to put the bullet back into the gun after its been fired...but to be honest, this was an impulse buy on my part. A co worker was bringing it in to sell to an interested party, and I've always wanted to have one to take my girl and her daughters to the lake with. I'd never even been on one (I've posted a lot of this in the profile on your New Users sticky). So I ended up buying it after he took it to a lake near by to demo it.

    But now that I see that it's quite the learning curve to really take care of it, I'm thinking about selling it before I do something stupid and really damage it. What are your thoughts? I'm willing to admit I've made a mistake, and although I do enjoy it, I see that it seems most of you know what you're doing when it comes to the care and feeding of these machines. It's not that I'm unwilling to learn, it's just I haven't the first idea how to go about it other than reading here, looking in the service manual, and posting questions.

    I'd love to keep it but I don't want to be stupid. What are your thoughts?



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