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    96 zxi 900

    Hi everyone I'd like to thank you guys for helping me purchase my first jet ski. I lurked around a bit reading about skis. I decided the zxi 900 was the one for me. I wanted a Waveblaster or Superjet but as a noob I felt I should get something easier to get on. So Im rockin a zxi 900 I like it. Please feel free to throw some tips out their and any knowledge about the ski you might have. Thanks & if your in the Minneapolis area holla we should ride I'm the only one I know with a jet ski

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    Good idea to replace the oil lines. They get brittle with age and crack. Use polyurethane hose and secure with stainless steel safety wire. Make sure you bleed out all the air and bleed the pump, too.

    Remove one of the cooling water hoses from the plate on the front of the engine and gently blow through it. I've seen a couple of them plugged up. It provides cooling for the stator.

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    Welcome to the forum you have a classic I bought my 900zxi new in 96 and after 4 sinkings multiple hull repairs long weekends of wide open running by multiple inexperienced drunken riders (55 gallons of fuel in a day was not uncommon) I have redone the top end and deleted the oil injection and added a primer system (900s are notorious for hard starting). 2 years ago my daughter broke the boat in half after she caught huge air off the back if a large wake. Sink number 5 hull was gone! I found another hull near Chicago for 100.00 switched everything over the thing just wont die!! We only ran about 35 gallons through it over the 4th, riders are now interested in my latest toy a 300LX


    Delete the oil injection system and premix your gas & oil (Do this or die)
    Get a primer system it will cure your hard cold starts (Best mod I did)
    900s tend to prorpoise get an extended ride plate and spontoons if you don’t already have them (Second best mod I did)
    If the trim works it won’t for long all the trim units were mounted too low and died from water infiltration through the trim cable (Kawasaki sort of fixed the problem with a trim cable boot on the 1100s

    Oh and of course

    Ride it like you stole it

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