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    Nothing happens after 80-90% throttle ? (GP1200R)

    I was out testing my GP1200R after some carb-upgrades , pumpshoe-sealing and changed to a 13/19 prop. The ski runs much better , 10km/h faster than before (6mph) But if I give full gas the ski runs at maximum 63.3mph with GPS, and when I let go of the throttle a bit nothing happens to the speed. If I give WOT again all that changes is the sound, *BOOOOOOP*. Should it be like that or is there some more MPH to collect ?
    Could it be that my new prop is to "aggressive" and canīt rev to its max?

    I have a GP1200R -02 with:
    no chokeplates
    no ACC-pump
    no filters (at all)
    110pilots (1turn)
    120jets (2turns)
    1,5 S&N
    Solas 13/19

    Im going to buy a real tachometer to check revs.

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    Put some flame arresters on it for safety. Let us know what RPM your turning when you get the tach.

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