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    98 GSX 951 Limited

    I am looking at getting a ski in the next couple of weeks. I have been trying to find something clean in for less than $3,000. I found this one on CL this morning and wanted to get some opinions on it.

    It sounds like the guy put some decent parts into and is clean. We all know how that goes though. Anyway, what are your thoughts? I also have a friend of a buddy that would sell me his 03 Yamaha XLT 1200 for $3500 with trailer, spare tire, jackets, etc. Not sure on hours but my friend guessed less than 100 as his buddy has not rode it much at all in the past few years. I know this is the Seadoo section so unbiased opinions would be great as well .

    I know the GSX is a 2-seater and the XLT a 3-seater. I will do quite a bit of solo riding, but will occasionally have the girlfriend as a passenger. How stable are the GSX's? I used to own a 2000 GTX 3-seater that my parents bought brand new. That thing was a lot of fun and we never had any problems with it. It was obviously pretty stable being a 3-seater and would run out decent.

    Thanks for the opinions and help!

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    I had a 98 and have a 99 now in my collection. Fun boats for playing and riding solo. The Yamaha is going to be a lot more stable for 2 up riding, but its a log. I have a lot of 98 gsx parts lying around and I'm near Des Moines if you go that route and it needs anything.

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    get it! you wont regret that one,those are one of the most sought after skis. awesome power to weight ratio.

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    I have a 99 GSX-L and a 08 RXP-X, both are great for their own reasons. I still find myself driving the GSX-L more often than the RXP-X..

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    The Yamaha XLT are good skis and are harder to work on, you will have to remove the ex to get the carbs out to rebuid and if it's still not right you will have to do it all over again. I would get the GSX if it was me. I like the 96 XP's.

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