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    Need opinion on coolant leak

    Hey guys, and hello old friend green hulk. It's been a while, but this website has helped me a lot. And im back for more help . I brought my sky to a shop because im very busy with work. I asked them to see where my coolant keeps going, because every time i take it out after 3-4 hours of none stop riding its almost gone. The guy said there is a head gasket problem. At high temperatures only it starts leaking ? Could this be true? And he is trying to charge me like 1500$, i know its not a easy or small job. But I have a friend who works on motors and he woulds do it for me. My question is how long does it take to change a head gasket with all proper tools and do you need to pull the motor out because I really dont want to !!! Thank you guys

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    You do not have to pull the engine out to do it. It sounds like that may be your problem. Few hours work if you have done one before.

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    thank you 8 for your time. Glad to hear that i dont have to pull the motor out. I have replaced front and rear oil pumps and split the bottom engine because my sc washers went. I just dont have time to work on the head and not to mention to time everything after words. so i got a buddy who works on quads, cars, dirt bikes, street bikes. Im sure its same concept for replacing head gasket. Thank you once again

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