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    Newbie here 97 SLT 780, shut off after hr straight..HELP !!!!

    Just purchased a 97 Polaris 780 SLT, and when i say newbie I mean NEWBIE. I know nothing about these things at all, the wife wanted one and I said ok, lets see what we can find.. Engine has less than 12 hrs of ride time on it, was completely rebuilt from bottom up, also has new motor mounts, new prop, all new cables, new plugs, only thing is it has ena everstart battery in it. Well i took it out on the river yesterday and it started right up, rode around for about 20 minutes and decided to dock it at my mother in laws place, as i slowed down and let of throttle it did not want to idle, it just died, once i restarted it and got it in reverse it died again. Im not exactly how sure of how good the battery is. But now to the main reason im posting. After we set off again we were running for maybe like an hr straight. I was looking down at the gauge and watching the RPM and MPH. after i hit 40 MPH i noticed that the reading just went back to a still image of 00.0, but the rpms continued to work, about 5 mnutes after that at full throttle the engine just cut right off. i tried restarting to no avail, all i got was a loud click. I waited about 5 minutes and tried again and it turned over for like 2 seconds and died. I also tried running the bilge pump and i could not even here it engage. I waited another 10 minutes or so and tried to start again and it turned over and fired for roughly about 5 sec, so i pushed throttle and it just stalled completly. After setting for lil bit longer i tried again and all it did was click loudly. so i got towed in and back on trailer and i took it back home. we did find that the clock displkay was still lit and that the bilge pump would work but it did not sound as loud as it had previously before we took it out. And when i tried engaging the ignition it was just a real faint click. So we looked at battery and found that positive terminal was about a full turn loose.

    After speaking with the guy i bought it from he said he had the sled out the previous week and only ran it in 20 minute spans and shut it of prob a good half dozen times and then he said there was prob another half dozen times he started it up and shut it off for people to hear. And when he got back home he took battery out of sled but did not charge it. Is it possible that battery was just strong enough to start it the few times i did and then with loose connection that it did not charge back up and that i drained battery completely to where there was not enough juice to turn engine over, I did remove battery and had it tested at Advance Auto. It said battery was good but needed a complete recharge. So i took it home and put on trickle charge for about 8 hrs, when i hooked it up it was already in the needs to be recharged reading on the display, after 8 hrs it said completely charged. Im going to reinstall battery tonight and hopefully it fires back up. Does anyone rec that i replace the battery with a new on after this trouble or should i be looking elsewhere for the trouble...

    Thanks to any and all responses i recieve

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    Welcome to the Hulk! All that bouncing around with a loose battery terminal would definitely cause problems. First things first, get a good AGM style battery at any auto parts store for it......

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    Hookup the ski with a set of booster cables to your tow vehicle and see if all the problems magically disappear. If they do, it's almost certainly a battery related issue.

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    I'm curious about what caused it to cut out at full throttle. Weak battery only contributes to starting problem, not when running.
    Your problem maybe just something stuck in the pump or something in the engine as well.
    - Check to see if pump, impeller is cleared of debris, trash, etc, ..
    - If pump is cleared, remove the PTO coupler cover and try to turn engine over by hand
    - If it doesn't, pull out the pump and try again.
    - If still doesn't ... well, time to look inside the engine. Hope you don't need to go this far.

    There're a few more things to do listed here in this "Getting To Know Your Ski" guide, highly recommended:

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    pull the plugs and see if you can roll it over by hand to make sure it is not seizing up.

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    Had a guy look at it and he found there were a cpl dif bad connections, but the main prob was at battery, there was a shoulder bolt on the negative cable that wasnt allowing a good connection and then also found a machine bolt holding the positive cable on and a loose connection at starter. After finding the correct bolts and nuts for battery and starter connection, we charged battery up and reinstalled with proper equipment and it fired up no problem at all. I am however going to replace the battery with a polaris factory batter and get rid of the wal mart battery, i can only forsee a ton of trouble coming from that battery. I also need to order uo a hold down kit for the battery as well so that it will not be getting roughed up in there while out on the water...

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