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    New Ultra 150 Owner- Some questions

    Hi everyone, I just picked up a 2001 Ultra 150 in blue with 103 hours on it. It has a brand new impeller and all pump bearings replaced. Got it for $2200.

    I have some questions that have come up, hoping you guys can help me with:

    1. Here in IA, we have ethanol gas 10% at a much cheaper price. Is it safe to use this on my jet ski? Should I use marine stabil every time?

    2. I have read that the oil lines should be replaced if they are original. Is there another post that describes this process in detail?

    3. Same question on the digital display sealing...

    4. The original owner has informed me that the oil gauge can be a bit flakey at times, is there a reference mark to know when I have filled the tank? Just to the top of the plastic container, or should it be in the fill neck as well?

    5. The black triangular rubber pieces that cover some bolts on the sides are peeling off, what type of adhesive should I use on this? 3M 5200??

    6. The blue paint is slightly less glossy than new..Id like to buff it up. What compound should I use?

    My future plans are to get the shred master ride plate, triple pisser mod, and install some blue hydro turf to replace the missing pieces. My main intention is to have a reliable, fun machine. Any other tips you guys can provide are appreciated!

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    Welcome aboard, big_c!

    With apologies to your local farmers, ethanol gas sucks! However, if you run marine StaBil and fill the tank before storing, you'll have less trouble.

    Yes, really good idea to replace the oil lines. They get brittle with age and will crack. Replace with polyurethane hose. Use a syringe (without the needle) to fill the hoses with oil. Secure with .025" stainless steel safety wire, two wraps around the hose, then twist the ends to tighten it. You'll need to bleed any air out of the oil pump before running the engine, there's a screw on top of the pump. While you're working on the pump, inspect the cable for fraying.

    There's a rubber plug on the back of the digital display that gets hard with age, and it won't seal. If you flip the 'Ski over, water can get into the display and destroy it. A new display is over $800! Take the 'hood' apart to remove the display, then seal all over and around the plug and wires with 3M 5200 quick dry sealant. Re-install the display after the sealant sets up.

    Not sure which pieces you're talking about gluing on, but don't use 5200 on anything you might want to remove in the future.

    I use Hot Sauce from Millenium Marine Products, for cleaning.

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