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    Proper way to start up a 2000 kawasaki ultra 150

    Hey yall, hope you can answer an easy question I have but can't seem to find the answer to. I am new to jet ski's and recently purchased a 2000 kawasaki ultra 150, took it out on the lake and it had some problems going past 55mph. I replaced the fuel filter and spark plugs and did a compression test (everything was fine) and I think I found the problem when I was reading some random info. On the left side of the ski is the choke right? Im a complete moron when it comes to anything with an engine. So the proper way to start it up on the lake is with the choke in the middle or on position and then once it has been running turn it to the off position right? In my driveway when I was testing it out with the hose hooked up it started perfect in the middle position then when I turned it to on, it shut off. When I turned it too off, it kept running and sounded smooth. So anyone who knows the exact way to start up the ski when its in the water please help me out and save me the embarresment at the boat ramp! Thanks.

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    On the left side of the ski is the choke. Upon initial start you need to turn it to the on position. Once it tuns over, turn the choke off. It may die out on you. Leave the choke in the off position and restart it. You should be good to go at this point.

    Always initially start your ski out of the water before you launch it. It is less drag on the motor and easier to start. Out of the water, perform what I said above. When you start it back up in the choke off position give it a few revs and then shut it off. Never run the motor more than 15 seconds out of water. After this is completed your ready to launch the ski.

    Remember the proper sequence when your running the ski on the hose.
    1- Start the ski
    2- Once the ski is running turn the hose on but only slightly till water just dribbles out of the pisser.
    3- Turn the hose off
    4- Give the ski a few blips to blow out excess water.

    Never have the hose on when the motor is not running or you could cause some serious damage.

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    Installing primers will make your 'Ski easier to start. If you do this (or have it done), DO NOT, under any circumstances, remove the original chokes! The Ultra carbs will not meter fuel properly without the restriction provided by the chokes.

    Some people put the primer nozzles in the flame arrestor, or drill holes in the carbs to mount them. I drilled holes in the intake manifold for mine. That way, I don't have to mess with the primers when I remove the carbs. My 'Ski starts on the first or second revolution.

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    I've thought about installing primers, but I never really have a problem starting it. Before I launch, choke on, quarter throttle untill it fires and dies, choke off, quarter throttle and let it run 5 seconds. And fires right up in the water.

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    Perfect responses...thanks!

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    In the water I put the choke on all the way until I get the motor to hit but not crank, and then I turn the choke to halfway on and count to 15 so you won't kill the battery. Then hit the starter and the motor will fire up and crank every time. Then immediately cut the choke all the way off as soon as it cranks. And on any 2 stroke putt around for a couple of minutes at under 3500 rpms until the engine gets warmed up properly and blow out that extra oil before you nail it.

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