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    97 slt just clicks and every once in a while turns over but doesnt start

    I want to start out by saying that i charged battery and reinstalled, when i tried it first it just clicked real loud, after a few minutes it started to turn over but would not fire. I felt the positive cable and it was really really warm. as was th battery. Is it possible that the started is fried. im not sure bc it was starting all day yesterday and then when i was on the river it just quit running at WOT with out any warning. Motor was just redone. So i pulled battery back out and put on a charge again and it was dead.. any help would be appreciated

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    sound like possible seized engine...

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    ^^^^ and/or pump

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    pull out the plugs and see if it turns over then, and well the plugs are out try and spin the pto by hand. What you are describing sounds like the starter is fried and causing excesive draw causing the cables to get hot. Make sure the battery is charged as a dead starter will drain a battery real quick and as i said, pull the plugs and see what happens. My guess is that it isnt seized up as unless it was a real light seize, the motor wouldnt spin at all. It could be something as stupid as a bad connector on either the ground or positive cable. Dont over look the obvious stuff and jump to conclusions, it is very rare that an engine will just seize unless it is ran without oil.

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    also, make sure the stator is pumping out juice otherwise you will kill the battery while running and it will die as you described. I didnt catch the part of it just dying at wot, it is then very possible the engine blew up. Again, pulling the plugs and spinning the motor will tell alot

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    The cable was def hotter than what it should have been. And i forgot to also mention that as i was standing on the left side of ski ( ignition switch side ) as i looked down this appeared to be were the starter was at. I noticed a small stream of smoke coming from what could possibly be the starter ??? I think that I have a loose connection somewhere that is causing a draw and draining the battery, bc it was fully charged and it drained real quickly..

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    The fact that it all happened while at WOT screams seized engine to me. The fact the starter & cables are overheating now is because it can't turn the engine over.

    What was the cause of the rebuild you mention just happened before hand?

    I'd pull the cylinder head off and have a looksee. I unfortunately think you're going to find some carnage.

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    Starter seized or Bendix stuck in the engaged position?

    If the Bendix stays engaged with the flywheel it will spin the starter at very high RPM with the engine running. That will kill the starter motor internally.

    If the start solenoid is stuck in the crank position it will heat up the cables and battery.

    You may have several problems happening at the same time.

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