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    get up and go got up and went

    my waveraider just will not come up to full song. was running great last year. we were using it to pull a tube and it was having no issues, shut it off and when restarted it idles fine and gets up to about half rpm range then just hangs out there. we ride in a lake that has alot of reeds and i thought some had gotten wrapped around the shaft ( its happened before and thats what it feels like) but that wasnt it.

    put new plugs in it, had the carbs rebuilt, new fuel filter, pulled the fill tube off and looked inside tank all is clean in there. disconnected the fuel line from the selector switch and ran straight to the resivore pick up at the tank. all of this was just done this month.

    all of this had absolutley no effect either way on how it runs. no better no worse.

    it does have a see through filter and when its running there is no fuel visible in the filter. when you shut it off the filter then fill almost all the way up.

    ive tried monkeying around with the choke while under way, doing so bogs it down immediatly.

    oh also did compression test, i dont remember the numbers but they were still good.

    im not to familair with these things, but i can only relate it this way. its like a car or truck having a clogged catalytic converter it seems like it wants to go it just cant. thats how it feels. had it running for about a hour and a half on the fourth, and it just purs away, still even has enough umph to pull a knee border though it does take it forever to get up on plane.

    anybody have any thoughts or ideas of were to look next?????? thanks!!!!

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    what year and is it a 700 or 1100?

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    It's a 95 700

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