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    Oil premix question

    Ok so I went to pre mix when I rebuilt my engine this winter and did the correct break in. The carbs were also rejected per forums. The problem is now that it seems to be running to rich in oil. I am now running 40:1 on amsoil investor oil. I just switched to this after break in where I was running 32:1 on amsoil hp injector. The guy from amsoil said that I should run this oil because it's better but he said to run it 50:1 ratio. I thought to go 40:1 to play it safe. It is fowling plugs from long idle conditions. Besides this issue the ski runs great. Please let me know what you think.

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    It don't matter what brand or type or what a rep says,I always run the mix ratio at what the engine manufacturer recommends.what engine /ski are you might just have a rich idle condition and might just need to turn the low speed needles in just a little bit I just try to avoid excessive idling as much as possible

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    It's a 00 gp1200r with a Riva high compression head and stinger 1 exhaust.

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    I would probably run the 50:1 but then again I have a wave venture 1100 that is mostly stock. Maybe stay with the 40:1 because of the Riva head?

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    Did you break in the engine using the Amsoil, or regular dinosaur oil?

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    I used Amsoil gp injector at 32:1 ratio

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    the oil injection systems are variable systems, so they pump less oil at idle. With premix you are going to smoke a lot more at idle, and it will run a lot richer. I would stick with 40:1, that seems right in the middle. More oil means less gas, which means it will run leaner. Less oil means more gas, so it will burn richer. Amsoil is good stuff.

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    Amsoil 40:1

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    blendzall racing castor oil.....if your pockets are deep enough

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