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    2001 genesis 1200 flooding

    I have a 2001 genesis 1200 carbed. I have always been able to leave the fuel on while its on the lift and never have a problem with it flooding the motor with fuel. This year, it is flooding it. I would normally suspect that it needs new needle and diaphragms but it floods all 3 cylinders which makes me wonder if its not pressurizing the system somehow. Anyone have any ideas? I'd find it odd that all 3 carbs went to heck at the same time.

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    Bad venting valve?
    Crankcase is separated by just ball bearings, one leak carb will flood entire crankcase.

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    I guess I figured the where seperated by seals in the bottom end. I'll have to check out the venting valve once.

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    I checked the venting valve and the hose was full of water. How hard should these valves be to open. It took everything I had with my mouth to push the valve open. (this is after a cleaned the hose out). It seems pretty hard to open. Also, the ski will flood yet with the gas off, just not nearly as bad. Does having the gas off eliminate the vent from the equation? Also, how do I check each needle and seat in these carbs. I'm not real familiar with this style of fuel pump/carb. Does the center carb not use the shutoff valve.

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    Off top of my head those valves open at 1.5 psi, someone may have to correct me on this.
    Needle and seat are checked by applying pressurized air to them, needle should open with PSI range per specs of your model, which is 10 - 18 psi. Make sure they are within 1-2 psi of each other.
    Center carb does not have fuel pump, otherwise all 3 are identical internally.

    Carb rebuild guide:

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