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    ultra 130, another no start, already done alot of testing...???

    Okay hi all first post but have done much research on this site, Recently purchased an 01 ultra 130, was not very familiar with these DI skis but anyway took it out to the lake, and after a short ride got a warning light and check engine and also went into limp mode, limped it back to trailer and brought it home. Researched overheating and found a plugged brass fitting on the front cover that supplies the emm. Took it back to lake and ran flawlessly for about an hour. A week later took it out again and it ran great for an hour or so, shut it off swam at the beach for awhile, got back on it and the darn thing wouldnt start. It smoked and bucked and acted like it was flooded. It finally started once and i took off and made it about 300 yds from shore and it missed once or twice and shut off. Towed it back and brought it home and since then it hasnt even made an attempt to start. Now to start my diagnostics, I have a stream of gas from the tank when cranking, gas coming from return line when cranking, and lots of spark at all 3 plugs . Plugs are super dry after cranking, no gas from injectors. So i started goin through the manual, tested voltage to injectors from emm while cranking, supposed to have 20v, i have 10.15v. Tested resistance in the plug goin to the stator and all that is within specs. Then i tested the CPS and it is not within specs, supposed to be 430 ohms, i have 355ohms. So my manual says its either the magnets in the stator or a regulator in the emm and i just dont know which on to start with because they are both expensive, or could the CPS be causing the emm not to be giving the injectors the proper 20v. So i have two things that i know for sure are wrong, half of the reccomended volts to the injectors and a CPS that is out of spec?? Sorry for writing a book but im starting to think i got screwed on this deal.
    Previous owner said he put a new computer in it last year because he charged the battery while it was connected and fried the emm, he the local kawa dealer did all the work. I have put a new battery in it and a new set of plugs after it quit. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any input or advice!!

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    You fried the EMM and probably the previous owner did the same on his original EMM also.
    You might have also fried the stator.
    As you have found out both the EMM (computer) and stator are water cooled on the DI. Anytime they don't get sufficient cooling water, they get overheated and their vital internal components get destroyed by the excessive heat generated by themselves.

    Either fried stator or EMM would not fire the injector(s).

    If you found a plugged brass fitting on the stator cover, that means there are other places that are clogged or close to being clogged. You need to check/clean before you install new stator/EMM to avoid repeat failure. If the previous owner had cleaned them, you would not be having this problem now.

    To check the stator, here is what you do:
    1. Remove the 10-pin connector at the rear of the EMM.
    2. Remove all 3 plugs.
    3. Using a fully charged battery, have someone crank the motor.
    4. While cranking, check the AC output at the 10 pin connector of the stator cable.
    5. You will be measuring 5 pairs of AC reading while motor is cranking (minimum 300 rpm).

    Report what you measure.

    The story that damaging the EMM while charging a connected battery is a BS. I've been charging like that for last 13 years on my DI ski and I still have the original EMM that works just fine.

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    Thanks for the reply meangreen, I did a thorough cleaning, flushing, and blowing out of the cooling system after the overheating issue, i even took the head off and cleaned the water jackets around the cylinders and then vacuumed out the debris so i shouldnt have a cooling issue for awhile. I wish i could have done the test that you described, that test was not in my manual, i did check the resistance of that connector to the stator and it was in range but i realize the output voltage could be out of range, anyway my dad actually bought the ski and i am working on it for him. So i called DFI Tech to see about getting my emm tested and the guy said not a problem but they are 3 weeks out on jobs, so i would be looking at around a month with shipping time of down time. My dad bought the ski for my sister and he doesnt want to wait that long so he called the local Kawa dealer (an hour away) and they said they would get right on it, so we hauled it to them this afternoon and i explained to them what i had come up with, so i guess well see what they can come up with.... I will keep you posted as to what i find out

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    The cleaning you did is for engine. EMM has own cooling cirucuit.

    Stator cover needs to be removed for full cleaning.
    Hose connected at the bottom fitting of the stator needs to be replaced or fully cleaned out.
    T-fitting, under the exh manifold, connected at the end of the above hose needs to be replaced or fully cleaned out.

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