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Thread: FX HO bolt ons

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    FX HO bolt ons

    So I plan to purchase some bolt on mods for my 06 FX HO and was wondering if anyone has experience with the parts I'm planning on purchasing. In particular I would like to know if they work well and if they are worth the money. All the parts that I plan to purchase will come from R&D. I plan to get the R&D velocity stacks and air filter, intake grate, pump nozzle, pump seal kit and a Solas 14/20 impeller. I'm looking for better hook up, acceleration from standing still, and maybe 1-2 MPH top end. What does everyone think?

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    I did all of those to my 05 FXHO. The velocity stacks and air filter were done first and the difference is noticeable. I did the remaining upgrades last winter and the results are mixed. I did not gain any top end MPH, but the hook up in rough water and the acceleration is much better. I did not do the nozzle. All in all, I am pleased, but not sure the small bang is worth the big buck.

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