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    2008 GTX non supercharged not running right

    Friend has a 2008 4 tech non supercharged and its not runing right.
    Starts ok, but slugish to rev and will only rev to about 4000 rpm and if you hold it wot, its will actually stop running. Starts right back up though.

    whats ben tried:
    new plugs
    new gas

    there are no alarm messages at all.

    could it be an exhaust leak into the hull?
    clogged fuel filter but ski has only 30 hrs.

    How do you check for any stored codes on an 08 with no set button?

    Any ideas?

    When it first started acting up, it would run fine then loose power then recover, then slow down, then recover, now it won't rev to wot at all.

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    Well kind of sound like a fuel problem for sure . have you tried pulling the fuel rail to see if the injectors are dirty. its not that hard pull the rail turn them up and see if all three spray fuel. The fuel pump has a filter on the bottom of it too that could be dirty. 2008 and only 30hrs sounds like it has been sitting for a while and if it had ethanol fuel then it could be clogged up. just a thought. you could try some sea foam or fuel stabilizer or injector cleaner to clean it out. but it sound like it is starving for fuel. good luck

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    Double dose of fuel injection cleaner.

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