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Thread: Starting Issue

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    Starting Issue

    I just recently had my ski out. Less then 2 weeks to be exact. Not a thing wrong with it. I went to start it tonight and its not turning over. I think it may be the battery, so I put it on the charger. If I cant get it to crank over what else could it be? Possibly a starter?

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    Tell us what kind of ski you have for starters.

    If you have a volt meter, measure the DC Voltage across the battery and it should be above 12.5v DC.

    If you have good DC Voltage (good battery) - check to ensure you have good connections, and especially your grounds at the engine block.

    If no success yet, remove the spark plugs and try to rotate it by engauging the starter - ensure the spark plug leads are grounded across the ground posts - generally bolted to one of the cylinder heads.

    If no luck, turn key off, pull lanyard, and reach down to grab the output shaft "coupler" and try to turn it by hand. It should rotate CCW easier than CW (as facing the rear of the ski).

    If it rotates by hand (good thing) - probably bad starter or E- connection somewhere (blown breaker)? If it does not rotate by hand (bad thing) - you have a major engine related issue - such as a possible siezed piston or your Jet-Pump could be "locked" as well.

    Report back what you find, and we will try to help you.

    Good Luck!!!

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