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    2002 Polaris Virage 800i

    Hi everyone. I bought my Virage in February, had a jetski mechanic come and do a compression test and the ski started up great! Kept the ski at my mechanic's, until April, he started it up a few times, no problem. He brought it to my house for the summer (before I got my hitch put on) and a week later it wasn't starting.

    Brought it back to the mechanic, he tested everything, changed my broken starter, checked the spark plugs (I'm getting spark), checked the wires, greased and oiled everything. He was stumped and chalked it up to the computer. I found your forum last month and sent my computer to DFI Technologies where they've been working on it for four weeks. They said they couldn't pin-point the problem yet and to give it two more weeks. Next week will be the two week mark. The season is wasting away and I'm worried this ski is wasting my time. Are they known for these type of malfunctions?

    When I call DFI next week and they tell me they're still working on it, should I just get my computer back and sell it for parts at that point? I don't know if it's worth it anymore. I could buy another ski and enjoy the rest of the season from this point on.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!


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    Has DFI verified that there is any problem at all? If you were getting spark on both cylinders, the EMM may not have been the problem.

    You should have checked the fuel pressure. I'm betting your fuel return restrictor was missing and you weren't getting enough pressure while cranking.

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