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    Is this 1200 non-PV bottom case fried?

    Couple pics of the bottom of a case off of a 1200 non-pv from a 98XL1200 that I am parting out. Before I dispose of (recycle) this bottom, I wanted to make sure it isn't something I should keep around and/or get welded locally to keep both the bottom and top together for future use. I have 2 SUVs with the same motor so you never know.

    There is 1 hole/crack in the bottom that I know can be welded for around $100 to $150...seen that before. The big question is the chunk. SBT said it is trash but that may be due to their standards? Has anyone ever had a chunk like this fixed with success? If so, how many hours on the rebuild since getting it fixed?Click image for larger version. 

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    That seems like it would be a weak point....possible leak point....may be just me, but I wouldn't trust it, especially after building a motor

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    Definitely trash. You'd have a 99% chance that'll never seal well to the other case half.

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    Just put it with the other side of the case. U should be able to see the hole. It can be weld back but not worth it. Just get a new bottom crank case.

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    Cool, thanks for the input everyone. I'll probably just put the top back up for sale on Ebay to see if someone else wants to deal with a mis-matched case.

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