I found the free Sea Doo shop manual and owner's manual but do not really see anything in there like a completely detailed exploded view of the engine and how to break it down/rebuild it. Anything out there on this for the 4-tec ?1503? (I believe?)?

First time with a 4 stroke here but I really want to get this rebuild under my belt. SC came apart but the engine has good compression (according to the shop owner/buddy). I have been all through yamaha 2 strokes now and wanted to graduate to 4's since it is a relatively cheap lesson at $1k for the entire ski.

Last question is: Does a person have an option of leaving the supercharger off of these when they rebuild? What I'm thinking is that I wouldn't mind putting this engine in one of my SUV's or another dead SUV hull. I know it has been done before here. I don't care about the speed...just want the experience of a first attempt at a conversion and to be able to end up in the 45 to 50mph range on the SUV but have better fuel economy for long off-shore trips. I only get 2.5mpg in the current 2 stroke. What would be involved in keeping the SC off if it is even possible?