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    using a ski to go scuba diving

    I am newly scuba certified for open water and would like to try out my FZS to dive from with my wife. Anyone try this? I was thinking of using a towable to strap our gear down and a small craft boat anchor to keep the FZ in place.

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    Sure it can be done but not comfortably.
    We carry snorkeling gear on our FZ's from time to time, but scuba gear is heavy.
    I think the towable would be essential to carry the gear; 2 tanks, BC vests, weight belts, etc.
    I'm very cautious about setting anchors when I'm diving. You have to make a point to go down and secure that anchor every time because if your boat starts drifting during your dive you can be screwed in open water. The currents around Florida are surprisingly fast and divers get in trouble like this all the time. For this reason we usually leave one person on the boat when we dive. We usually dive in the Keys and the nice thing down there is they have big floating buoys you can tie off to out on the reef, so you don't have to worry with an anchor. I would also strongly suggest taking an IPIRB emergency beacon, here are some examples...

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    Here's a thought for hauling your gear:

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    It's a great idea in theory, but YoYamma pretty much hit it on the head. You ALWAYS want someone on the boat. My buddies and I always rotate boat duty while diving, it's good practice IMO. If your ski were to drift off it could spell trouble, even very close to shore. I personally would NEVER trust a little pwc anchor. If you decide to do it anyway, get the beacon. There were two divers lost at sea a few months back in Fort Pierce, thankfully they were located very close to sun down.

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