Hello All !

New here to GreenHulk. Great Site BTW.

I fix Laptop Computers...
I traded a Laptop Motherboard for a 1998 Kawasaki Zxi 750.

Ski has a Smoked Impeller. It was a victim of Gravel Swim area and a Kid that didn't know about the value of a jetpump. The Impeller is 3/8 smaller in Diameter than the wear ring...

I mainly fool around with Sea Doo's. And I have a few SeaDoo Impellers laying around.

My question is:

Are the Impellers model number specific for Kawasakis ?
Would a Sea Doo Impeller fit on a Kawasaki ?

I just pulled it home. Its dark and I can't see anything. I could post numbers in the morning.

Thanks In Advance