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    94 SL 750 spark for a second then no spark, sometimes full spark n starts.

    Newbie to Green Hulk. I'm having some major issues with a polaris SL750. With a Spark tester the jet ski will spark once, maybe twice then loose spark. Once it stops sparking it doesn't ever come back unless you release the start switch and hit it again. If the spark hits just right the ski will start and run. It will keep running and not die. So, we tested the kill switch from inside the box and everything is working properly. We Ohm stator and everything was +/- 10% of spec. We checked grounds, powers, powers while cranking. We replaced the CDI with a known good one off a running machine. We also put the old CDI on the running machine and it ran fine. We have two of these skis so we have been using both of them for testing each other. If anybody has any ideas on why we get only a few sparks PLEASE HELP!!

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    Ok, more info.. PLEASE somebody help.. Here is what we have done this morning. Ohms on each coil are .3. Now, with the battery full charged or a battery charger on it will spark once or twice then stop. If the battery is low and the motor turns over slowly we have good spark the whole time. If it does start it still runs good, doesn't die, and blows my mind.

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    Sounds like the kill switch is bad but it weird that it checks out....

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    It is very weird what is going on. We even unplugged the kill wire to make sure it wasn't grounding anything out, even tho it check ok. We are just complete stumped. We were thinking that the hall effects (trigger) isn't getting a good signal when spinning fast, but then why does it keep spark when the engine it running. So, pretty much if it gets started and you drive it around the water and it charges the battery by the time you fall off or turn it off... you pretty much crank it until the battery drains down to a slow crank and it will fire up and take off... you hope..

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    Ok, if anybody else ever had this problem... I think we found it. one of the screws that hold the pick-up to the stator was loose. It was moving and touching the flywheel rather then picking up the mag field. We tighten the screw down and about to install the stator back into the ski. If we still loose spark I'll be back. If fixed then that was it... hours of probing to it come down to a screw... grr..

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    Got to ask, is the lanyard installed?

    Sounds just like that.

    And does you battery have a good charge?

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    That fixed our spark problem. Just that loose screw holding down the pick-up was allowing the pick-up to touch the flywheel and would stop sparking. After putting it all back together went to the lake for a test drive and ran great.

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    Thanks for posting your solution! Im sure it will help someone at somepoint.

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