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    2000 Genesis Carbed, just dies intermittant on water? Please help

    Hey guys, I have a 2000 Genesis (carberated) that randomly dies on the water. Seems to run fine on the trailer, although I only run if for a min or two with the hose attached... Doesnt seem to make a difference if I try to throttle up fast or slow. Feels nice then... nothing. Almost feels like electrical cuts out, but gauges dont go out. Press start button and fires right up. Doesnt feel like a fuel issue but maybe it is.

    I bought the ski 2 seasons or 3 ago maybe and still can not get it right. Last season carbs were cleaned and seems to be getting enough fuel, I can see the carbs getting gas when I take the spark arrester off. LR505 was replaced after a lot of diagnostic help accross several forums. Symptoms last year were the same and battery wouldnt charge. Now it seems to be the same but cuts out so frequently that It doesnt have time to charge the battery back up, but showing good voltage and sharging the battery when it does stay running. Sometimes its 5 minutes between times when it cuts out others it 2 minutes or 10 minutes, but really not rideable as is

    I read that plugs could be the issue but they look clean and are the NGK BR9ES the book calls for.

    Breaker relay is fine. No corrosion in any electrical that I can find. No loose grounds or plugs that I found.

    Any thoughts? I need some help here


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    Anyone have a picture of where the cooling tube screeen is by the jetpump. I read that there is a hard tube with a screen used for cooling... I cant find this anywhere.. A visual will be very helpful. Is it on the hull or on out by the end of the jet nozzle? I have what may be a plugged hole on the right side of the jet pump against the hull. I cant tell if this is plugged with black RTV or supposed to be there?

    Also while I was searching for it I looked from inside of the engine bay. I found another soft hose maby a 1/2-3/4" in diameter with a screen on one end and the other looks to end at the rear hull somewhere. The end with the screen was tucked under the large exhaust canister somewhere. Im not sure if this is a good enough description, but hopefuly one of you pros has an idea of what I am trying to describe.

    Lastly, I know there should be some type of warning, but if I am overheating because of a clogged hole or whatever will the ski completely shut down without warning, then restart right away if start button is pushed?

    Thanks guys!

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