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    frustrating fuel issue 1999 SLH

    I have a 2000 (1999) SLH that I bought from a shyster last year because my son wanted a faster jet ski (we have two 91/2 waverunners).

    I have had the carb cleaned, the reeds replaced, new computer, new plugs, professionally adjusted and still it boggs. Oh display is disconnected cause it doesn't work.

    Eventually it will get going (after 5 minutes or so).

    I read a post that mentioned pinching off the return. I did this (probably too much) and it worked better for about 2 minutes then died. Repeatedly choked it off and got it running again only to have it die again shortly after.

    Any thoughts? I'm thinking maybe the fuel pump isn't getting enough flow to the carb, but I'm not real good with carburetor issues.

    When it runs it runs with the choke off and pretty close to full speed.


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    Welcome to The Hulk.

    Have you checked fuel pressure?

    If it was professionally adjusted, it should not bog. I would say the carbs should be rebuilt. The diaphrams wear out and get stretched. Do not buy aftermarket kits. Buy genuine parts. You will have to buy them individually as there is no OEM kit. Also pick up a new fuel pump as they are not serviceable with OEM parts.

    When running right, the SLH's are fast and fun. I have several 99's and my buddy has a 00. Favorite ski to ride.
    Click the link above and select the link for Domestic Engines. A lot of great info to help you out.


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    I'm back at it again this year. I rebuild the fuel pump. How do I know what the pressure should be? It runs off the lake with a hose. When I put it in the water it does not seem to be getting enough gas.

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    Also, does any one know a good polaris mechanic in the eau claire, wi area? I really just want someone who knows how to fix this thing.

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    Did you rebuild the carburetors? Or just the fuel pump?

    Have you checked compression?

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    Quote Originally Posted by christopher View Post
    Also, does any one know a good polaris mechanic in the eau claire, wi area? I really just want someone who knows how to fix this thing.
    John Zigler of Rock County Jet Ski is about 3.5 hours away in Janesville, WI.

    You would have to call him as I have no idea how busy he is these days.

    He certainly has the skills and resources to get your Polaris running properly!

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    make sure you dont have a weak spark?!

    when did you last have the plugs checked/changed? (spark can become weaker when ski is in water due to load on the engine.

    be sure to regularly replace the BPR8ES spark plus as ive personaly experienced them wear out fairly quickly. a fresh set of plugs and my SLH's run like troopers!

    i will NEVER sell my 2001 SLH..... period.

    oh, and if you havent done so already... replace the fuel lines, and clean out the filter/seperator. even if you have had your carbs checked and cleaned the "sticky residue" from the old OEM fuel lines block up the carb & filters.

    its not always easy to see by eye, as it can be a clear film.

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    Here's what's been done

    last year sent in to a Polaris place they took off carbs, cleaned and adjusted to spec. Still ran rough at lake. Compression test. Passed changed plugs, checked reed, ran several minutes with flush hoses. Gave it back to me. Still not running in water. I changed all hoses and this year so far changed gaskets and such in fuel pump. When I manually blow back and forth it pumps a slow stream of fuel and I don't drink gas.

    So compression is good. Spark plugs new and correct. Carb might need cleaning again, but that didn't help last year.

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    So it starts fine out of water and revs up ok? What exactly does it do in the water? I assume it starts and idles ok? What happens when you give it throttle?

    I'm wondering if the shop set the arm heights where they need to be.

    EDIT: Here's some more info:

    One of these days I really should do a keihin carb rebuild how-to. It probably would be helpful to have a sticky with some pics and a step by step of the rebuild.

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    just cleaning carbs is NOT good enough. Parts need to be replaced.

    I DO have genuine Kehin kits in stock here.

    Also, it is not uncommon for the accelerator pump to fail, and that will cause a low end "bog".

    There is no more parts available for these, what we do is eliminate it, and jet up your carb to compensate.

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