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    First PWC's - good deal?

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ID:	276671Hey all... Getting ready for our first PWC's and want to make sure I'm not getting hosed... Thanks in advance for the help:

    Where u from? Temple tx
    what kind of ski - Polaris SL1050
    what year - 1997
    what kind of engine - unknow - will find out though
    how many hours on the meter? - 95
    how long did it sit - being used
    any new/modified parts on it - unk
    recent tune-ups or rebuild - unk
    general history of the ski if you know - unk
    price - $5000 - 2 identical models
    comes with trailer? - yes
    live on water? - no
    did the ski run on saltwater or normal lake water - normal lake
    compression numbers? - unk
    does it run? - yes
    Pictures,videos? See below
    mechanical knowledge - aircraft Maint tech
    tools - awesome set of tools

    I am very mechanically inclined with no fear of performing my own Maint - my concern is the price - $5000 for two identical models - Polaris sl1050's - is this a good deal? 95 hours on each model - lll try to pull some comp #'s when I go down tomorrow and engine type - they both look to be in excellent condition...
    thanks again
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    If they both turn out to be in as good of condition as they look in the pics (always hard to tell until you get up close and personal) and the engines are healthy then personally I wouldn't discount them at that price (especially for 1050's) but it does seem a little on the high side none the less...if they are open to offers, I'd be making one - they are 15 year old machines no matter how you look at it, and the trailer doesn't appear to be a gem by any means.

    Of course, as I learned when I was making these sorts of threads myself early last spring, the viewpoints of us Canucks seems skewed when it comes to pricing since PWC's seem to fetch much higher prices up my suggestion that the pricing seems 80/20 at this point could be totally off base and someone more familiar with PWC prices south of the border is apt to jump in and tell you it's out in left I'd wait for a second opinion.

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    $4k is more in line with what I think those are worth. I sold my '97 two summers ago for about $1700 with a single trailer.

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    Got them both for $4200 down from $5000...
    Took the first couple of days to look them over - and have had them out a few times!!! Very happy!
    Compression looks great on one - pto to mag 143-134-135
    Looks ok on the other - pto to mag 135-110-110
    Got a dead spot in the throttle on one - slow off of idle - bogs down - then gets goin - I'm going to go through the carbs this week -
    I love the maintenance involved - haven't been around 2-bangers in years (my first bike was a Harley sx-175 2x)
    Also grew up keepin Polaris snow mobiles runnin...
    The lakes here in texas are vast and gorgeous... Smooth as glass one day and north Atlantic the next...
    Got a lot of good info from everyone on the green hulk - thanks!!!!
    Be seein more of yall I'm sure - as the season rolls on!
    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Compression sounds a little low on the one ski.

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