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    o3 gp1300r non ported single pipe

    ok this http://www.dcwg.orgnneeds a new home cause I cot a cusstom chopper to build. 4800 obo come get it with your trailer. 73 on gps I know she has a little more in here but you get to tweak that last little mph out of her. full build was last winter around 90 hours on ski "officially" 20 hours since build. text me for pics Seven31 two17 four357
    03 efi gpr
    r&d plate (trued and shimmed)
    pump shoe sealed
    1200 grate with trimmed wings
    stepped stock sponsons
    stock trim tabs resin filled on both sides and shimmed down 1mm
    ho pump with ceramic bearings
    85 mm nozel (tube removed and plugged and pisser hole plugged)
    dynafly 14/20 pitched to 14/21....currently pitched at 13/20
    jetworks holeshot kit
    d plate and chip
    airbox gutted (tube ran from box to right side vent hose with vent cutout )
    seat air flow mod
    stock head cut to 150 psi running all 3 gqaskets (as per jim's performance)
    bre9 plugs (side gapped and gapped to .035)
    vf3 reeds with stock stuffers ground to fit correctly
    5 degree timing keyway
    ejk fuel tuner
    93 ocrane and oiler but add 1 oz of oil per gallon

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    Got pics?

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    i will text them to ya

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