My 2000 1200xl started beeping and displayed the exhaust message. I pulled the exhaust sensor which was black and gray. I tried heating the sensor until red hot, dipping in water and followed by compressed air. One small particular came off (and for that matter might have been a bit of dirt) after five attempts. Frustration levels rising, I decided to use a wire brush / find sand paper to clean. When I was through the sensor was a silver color. I re-installed and started without incident in the driveway (with hose running).

I took the ski to the lake the next morning to test the sensor. Each time I attempted to start the engine, it would turnover a couple of times and then stop. Back home, I checked the battery. No problems there. I checked the fuses in the fuse box – no problems there. I tried starting two or three times; nothing. I did hear a subtle click coming from the electric box in the stern each time I pressed the start button.

What is the possibility the sensor is causing this problem. Or do I have another problem in the never ending saga of 'back to the garage?'