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    Is This A Good Price For '09 FZR?

    Seller says it's a one owner with 45 hours in "good condition" but I have not seen it yet. He's asking $8,000 firm for Ski only or $8,400 for Ski and single trailer.

    Is this a pretty common deal or a really good one assuming the craft is excellent shape? His ad saying "good condition" has me a little worried....

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    I've found prices to be relative to the area. For example, I live in Florida so skis tend to run cheaper than say Georgia or Alabama because more people owns skis. You can ride most of the year in Florida whereas in the north you have a much shorter ride season. You can check book values online with KBB (Kelly Blue Book) or NADA. Then compare with craiglist, boattrader, pwctrader, etc to get a baseline for your area. Also check the classifieds here on the site.

    In your situation, I'd really look the ski over. Check compression too. When you look at the ski ask him point blank, "what makes you say good condition vs excellent"

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    Does it have an extended warranty you can transfer into your name?
    If you're going to mod the crap out of it the warranty may not matter.
    But you can usually find a zero-hour hold over (2009-2011) for around $10K with a one year warranty. PLUS, you can opt for a 5 year extended warranty. So with that in mind, is the risk worth the savings? Personally, I would not pay $8,000 for a used ski when you can get a new one for just a little more, but that's just me.

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    This is a dealer around me that has a new 09 FZR. Not promoting this dealer, but just offering a comparison.
    "New FZR"

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    $8000 for just the ski is a little high. I got mine new for about $2K more with warranty. In my opinion, somewhere around $7750-$7900 with the trailer would be a fair price.

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