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    New GTR....checking handling characteristics

    Hey again,

    I "think" I am just getting used to my new, bigger seadoo. I have only owned a few 96XPs, and a 98 GSX LTD (sold the LTD a week ago to get new GTR 215).

    The reason for this post is to see if the ski is handling the way it should between 20 and 30 mph. It SEEMS as if the boat doesnt like to go these speeds. It seems "normal" going fast (45-60 plus), but between 20/30, it seems to "wander" from side to side. My older seadoos didnt/dont (still have the XP) do this at all.

    At times, the bars are either left or right, as the boat tips left or right......kind of almost dog tracking. Once I give it some gas and get up to speed, it straightens out and levels.

    I have played with the trim, and I dont think the trim matters. Does anyone else have this hull, with this issue (if it is an issue)?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Looking at a few pages of threads, I dont see that many (if any) guys asking questions (or offering advise) on the 2012 GTR 215.

    Maybe I'm on the wrong site (until I wanna start modding it)??

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    The reason why it is going sideway during low speed is the deeper V compare to your previous ski.
    My PX does the same and even worst since the V is more that the GTR.

    Boat does the same when not on plane

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    I also have a new GTR and I've noticed the same thing you are talking about. I don't really see it as a big issue, but I have noticed at slower speeds the ski wants to wander back and forth a bit. At first I thought I was maybe just caught in some chop or something but it did it on the 4th on calm waters. Not a big deal though in my eyes as I'm pleased with everything the ski has to offer!

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    Sounds like its normal to the hull then.

    Thanks for the info.

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    I bought a 2012 GTR a couple of months ago and it does the same thing. I also have a GPR 1200 that does that slightly at slow speeds, but not nearly as much as the GTR. I guess it's the way the hull is designed. Besides that, the GTR hull seems to handles choppy water well.

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    I agree with the above, I definitely feel this at medium speed... a little counter steering seems to quickly settle the ski. I thought my son on the back was leaning back and forth but he claims innocence... of course! Getting used to it and like I said, the counter-steering seems to take care of it... it's becoming second nature.

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    Normal for the GTR, so far Im the only modded one. Not having much luck though.

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    I'm wondering about Cobra fins??? I'm not going to perform any mods during my factory warranty stage (so I have a long while to think about this), but wonder how these would perform to fight some of the non-directional response at mid-cruising speed? I have no concern with slow-speed control, just wondering if I can maintain throttle and this would prevent me from having to "goose-it" to get the ski in the right direction counter-acting wind directional waves or boat wakes.
    Anybody have any experience with this? Open to all opinions... like I said, I have a while to consider this.

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