Ok so this all started when my fuel pump took a dump at about 65 hours. I replaced the pump and it never really seemed to run right after that. I have 68 hours on my ski now.

I pulled the fuel filter and it was almost completely clogged with some dark jelly looking stuff. Im thinking problem solved! But not quite. It seems to run great other than small bog in the midrange and then it takes off and WOT. The other thing is on the tach im only getting about 6250 rpms. So that is my first issue.

My second issue was after the ski sits for any amount of time it wont start. I will just crank and crank. I took some cold water and poured it over the temp sensor in the exhaust manifold and it fires right up. Ive done this numerous times and it works everytime. So im thinking ill replace the sensor and this problem will be resolved.

Thanks for your help guys!