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    Help! Bolts broke will installing D-Plate. Others are stripped

    I have never had this happen before, but I recently installed a D-plate on my 2000 GP1200R. I forgot to put the outer cover on when I put the stinger back together, after I noticed the 6 bolts wouldn't go in all the way. When I went to remove the bolts, they were stuck, I had to crank on them harder than ever before, and I ended up breaking 3 of them off, and the other three basically stripped off the threads on the bolts. Why did this happen? They removed very easily the first time, and now I need to figure out how to clean out these holes, so I can install new bolts, and remove the broken part of the bolt that is still in the hole. I have attached a couple pictures. What is the best way to fix this, and how do I prevent it from happening again in the future? Also, can I just get new bolts from a local place like fastenal, or do i need to order original parts from a yamaha dealer? Thanks.
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    Oem bolts are stainless so they dont get stuck in there, use stainless bolts that are the propper length. The threads are prob toast so get a tap and run it in there to clean them up. As far as getting the bolts out be carefull not to break the screw extractor off on the stuck bolt you will never get that crap out. If all else fails buy another one off ebay they are not to bad.

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    if you take your time and drill as close to the center of the bolts as possible you can tap them to a standard bolt or tap them to the same thread pitch and go with studs and thread lock if the hole is messed up.

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    If the part is easy to find and not real expensive then replace it.stainless is a real pain to drill and since the broken bolts have stripped threads you will brake the screw might be better off having a machine sshop try to drill them out because they will be able to drill them out dead center

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    I have a friend that works at a body shop, we are going to try and heat the thing up and see if we can't get them out, I hate to buy another one, as this one is in such good condition. If anyone knows of a reasonable one for sale, please let me know. All the ones I see online are 200+

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    Contact Forum Member WFO. He has them in stock.

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