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    1999 Kawasaki Ultra 150 Cylinder problem

    When I purchased this thing the third cylinder melted with in 30 min of operation. I sent it to SBT to have it rebuild, spent the extra for the warranty. Got it back and the next season I was able to try it out. I ran it approximate 10 hrs over that season. I winterized it and when I go it out the next season the compression was low on the third cylinder. I pulled it and sure enough it was melted. I had a friend help me bore the cylinder out to the next minimum size and replace the piston. We noticed the oil pump had a small leak so we replaced it and confirmed its operation. When I took it to the water I ran it a few minutes at a time and let the motor cool to help seat the rings. After about an hour of running time it died in the water. Started it back up and it ran about 75 yards and died again. After the third time it started vibrating very rough (like a knocking engine would). I towed it in and when I got home checked compression and the third cylinder was low. Pulled the head cap and it was melted again. I need help determining the problem Any suggestions?

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    That's typical of SBT rebuilds on Ultra 150s. You need the OEM-type nikasil plated cylinders. Steel sleeves won't hold up in that engine.

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    Agreee^^^^. stay away from SBT, they do things cheap. The sleeve is not what you wanna do, the nikaseal transfers the heat better than the cheap sleeve. Check to make sure all oil and fuel lines are good, check the carbs, and check the oil pump and fuel pump. The sleeve should i would assume last longer than it did but it still isnt gonna last as long as the replating. So obviously something is causing the problem.

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    When you changed the oil pump did you change the oil lines? Have you checked the oil lines to make sure they are not hard and brittle. The biggest cause of this engine blowing is old oil lines that develop a small crack and sufficient oil doesn't make it into the cylinder.

    If you replaced the oil lines, did you bleed them properly and run a 50:1 tank of premix on top of the oil injection?

    After replacing the oil pump, did you run a 50:1 premix tank on top of oil injection to ensure there were no air bubbles in the oil lines?

    Also another cause of a melt down is if there is a clog in the cooling line for that cylinder or if the carbs need a cleaning and or rebuild.

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    There is a company called US Chrome for future reference that will re Nikasil the cylinders for you back to factory spec.

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