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    Newbie needing help!!!

    Ok guys I have a few questions that I'm stumped on. I recently bought a pair of '97 1100 STX skis and they "seem" to ride ok. I'll try and describe one-by-one on what seems to be going wrong (I'm kinda a perfectionist I guess lol)

    1. One of the skis will start after 4-5 times from priming, BUT the other takes forever to start! I'm almost there for like 10-15 minutes cranking it and afraid battery is going to die. What gives?

    2. One ski has the oil tank AND gas tank, while the other must had the oil tank removed and was told it has to be premixed (50:1) when filling it up. Is that the best mixture ratio to go by? And the other ski that has the oil tank, do I just fill the oil tank and gas tank up completely, assuming it will mix itself?

    3.The ski with just the one tank, seems about 5mph or so slower on top end compared to the one that has both oil/gas tanks. Is this a tuning issue?

    4. The ski that has the oil and gas tank, will kinda bog off the line as if you have to ease into the throttle for it not to stumble. Then once it gets going you can give it full throttle and will kinda start to move out. Is the fuel cutting out somewhere?

    5. Also after about 2-3 hours of riding them they will seem to die out/harder to start. Today at the lake, one died when came to shore and wouldn't start, just make a click noise, like battery dead? It happened to me before so I put them on the trickle charger and thats when this problem happened today.

    Thats all I can think of right now, so I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE any input/help you guys can give me. I'm new to having these pwc's (thats what you call them? lol) and want to enjoy them to the fullest! Thanks in advance!!

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    Well.....the one ski that was very hard to start, took a dump! Saturday at the lake it started after about 10 minutes of trying and was running crappy at first. It "seem" to run better after it warmed up but then completely died. Only to find out this

    Now when I was checking it out I found the middle spark plug tip smashed, which was the same cylinder destroyed, and the spark plug boot that goes on the coil? was half-ways broken off. Kinda bummed about this....

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    Welcome aboard, tnmotown!

    Sorry to hear about your problem. Was that the 'Ski that had pre-mixed fuel or oil injection?

    I think most cylinder problems are caused by running lean due to carburetor problems. However, from the photo, it doesn't appear to me that it was lean, as the top of the piston looks moist. It's possible that the top piston ring broke and caught on a port, tearing out the top piston ring land. It would help to see pictures of the piston and cylinder after you get them apart.

    I like oil injection myself, a lot of people don't. Neither is foolproof. In your case, I would suggest that you decide which system you want to go with and convert the other 'Ski to that system so they're both the same. Otherwise, one of these days you'll pre-mix the wrong one.

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    Carbs may need cleaning or rebuild.

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