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Thread: ecm/fuel pump

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    ecm/fuel pump

    i have a 2007 speedster 150 155hp

    i am not getting the groung to switch on from the ecm to power the fuel pump. i can jump the fuel pump directly to the battery and it works just fine. when you first insert the key, i am not getting battery voltage to the fuel pump (i am only geeting the standard 11v reading). i can get battery voltage by taking the positive wire from the fuel pump harness and completing the circuit back to the negative terminal of the battery.
    continuity(negative terminal(b29) of circuit from fuel pump harness to ecm is ok.

    long story short the fuel pump is not being switched on from the ecm.

    before i spend alot of money to replace the ecm, is there ANY other thing that could be preventing the fuel pump ground from being swithed closed?

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    anyone? is there any other sensor that would prevent the ecm from closing the ground on the fuel pump?

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    Seadoo two stroke powered boats have a switch that prevents engine starts unless the thottle is pulled back to idle and the reverse setting is to neutral. 4-tec boats might have a similar system..

    Worth looking thing... Careful with the throttle assembly. It's an outrageously priced bit.

    of course the ecm could also be bad..not exactly sure what controls the power to the fuel pump. Can I assume you are able to crank the engine?..getting normal key recognition sounds?

    Rack the thottles and gear shifter back and forth a few times and give it a try..could be that simple.

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    i get 2 beep key rocognition, however the fuel pump does not cycle when you put the key in. i am able to crank the engine, but of course it will not start with no fuel.

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    Looks like the neutral safety switch is tied into the starter relay. The ECU controls ground to turn on the pump. Check all your grounds..
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    update- was a bad ecm. replaced, re-keyed(thanks candoo) runs like a top.

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    I was hoping you found something else. I have the same thing going on, exept I was able to get it to fire after re-doing the grounds.
    Everything worked like a champ until i decided to take it for a test run, and what do you know, ran on the trailer. Unload it an try to start....nothing.
    jsimo, did yours ever work after the first time, or did it just die?

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    it just died. i could never get it to close the ground.

    but if you got it to work after re doing your grounds, i would think that you still have hope. i would re check the engine grounds again

    also, check the b29 pin on the ecm and the slot on the b harness where it goes in. i have heard that just a little dirt can screw the connection up

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    Thanks jsimo,
    Ironically I have managed (by jacking with it) to make the voltage now drop to 8.5 volts from 11.69. If nothing else, this will eventually lead me to a bad connection.
    Grounds are good, outside of gold plating them. I will try the push pin connectors next. I can't be the first one that has run into this.
    When checking the ohm resistance through the brown and red connector from the ECM, I get 0.01 ohms. I wish I had someone close with an ecm to try, just to rule out

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    OK, after pin check out, got it back to the 11.7 range, still no fuel pump start. Anyone know of a known good source for ECM?
    BTW, troubleshooting with BUDS attached. I had the open circuit code.
    Got rid of that one and back to original problem

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