After what felt like forever, I was able to get my pieced together sl750 on the river.

I started it on the trailer and ran it up a couple times to look for leaks and see if the cylinders were some what even temp wise.

Time for a ride! First thing I noticed was the D&G water box is ratty loud!

At 24mph it started to porpose so I start playing with the trim and it didn’t help, the trim gauge was moving and its the direct cable indicator so i know its working. I thought I might power thru it and it was jumping clean out of the water! Looked like an idiot bouncing like that Dam! not good. F all those ultra 300 yuppies!!
I thought maybe I put the wedge in upside down, Back up on the trailer and rotate the wedge around (fat part on top) I know this is wrong, now I cant turn Left! I adjust the steer cable as far as i can and its rideable, with trim half scale I could run it up to about 43mph before the trim would snap down 1 notch and porpose again. At this point I will run it easy for a half a tank or so to break in the motor.

Pump wedge: 94 sl750’s don’t have a stock wedge this has a “5” stamped on it, Is that a 5 degree?
Think that is going in the spare parts box!

Check pistons for wash, pto with heavy wash, cen looks spot on, mag has heavy wash also.
This is with ocean pro vortex f/a and D&G waterbox with 107.5 mains and also 24 to 1 premix

Question, the stock waterbox is going back on.
1) Will that make the jetting fatter? Will need to go to 105 or 102?
2) Was the propose issue related to the wedge and how should I adjust the trim linkage?