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    94 polaris MFD trouble

    Ok, My 94 polaris sl 750 round MFD was working great yesterday. Then of course, I pop a fuse... Nothing new here. I replace the fuse and it keeps popping as soon as I put it in. The fuse pops on about 7 different trys. Finally I let it sit for about two hours and I try another fuse and it works. The MFD lights up but now on the screen it only shows " 8. " thats it. the mode button will not do anything nor will the set button. I cant scroll through the options, it will not show gas or oil etc. Just 8. I tried taking out the fuse again and put it back in with the same results. any help?

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    Sounds like a short in the wiring. Give it a good check, and dielectric grease your connections.

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