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    Unhappy 2003 XLT800 Engine Blown?

    Well, it looks like it did it (again).....I was out in the river and the machine just lost all power and wouldn't restart. I towed it in with my trusty 4 stroke and got it on the trailer.

    Once home, I went to the compression gage and it didn't look good...120psi on the front cylinder and 90psi on the back. I got it started and there was a loud knock that was present.

    Over the past year, I have had the carbs rebuilt, changed out the cylinders and pistons, removed the oil injection pump (all at once) and the machine has been running beautifully for almost a year. I probably have 25-30 hours on this engine.

    For the life of me, I can't even start to think about what could have happened here. The machine was running wonderfully and the world was grand. Just happened all of the sudden. I had been idling quite a bit today and the plugs were loading up a little, but a little run with WOT and the machine was running well again.

    I'm about at the end of my rope with this thing. Any idea what could have happened here? I don't know if I have another rebuild in me...



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    It may have dropped a power valve. what ever it is it will be worth it when its running again.

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    How do the plugs look,did you get a lean condition

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    I remember getting an upgrade kit for the power valves when I put the new pistons in. The plugs looked great (light brown). I'll have to checdk out the power valves. Thanks for the heads up, I'll let you know the outcome!

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    Now I'm perplexed...I took the head off and the Pistons look fine. Power valves seem to be in place on both jugs. I can turn over the motor with no problem. Before I took off the head I started it again and there is still aloud clanking. I though maybe a rod journal on the crank, but why the drop in compression?

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    did you damage a ring?

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    I don't think so. The inside of the cylinders are very clean. Just not sure what could account for the loud clanking. These were brand new rings.

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    If the rod to crank bearings are bad it will not push the piston far enough up to give it top compression. I had that issue and the rod will rub the bottom of the case. Hope that isn't the issue but my compression dropped from 120 to 90 when I had that issue.

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    Yikes...How tuff was it to change the bearings? Was the Crank damaged?

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    Crank would need to be replaced. You can pull the cylinder jug off and grab the rod/piston and push / pull on it to see if you have slop (excess play) at the bearing.

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