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    97 seadoo xp engine bogging need help

    I had my 96 xp out over the weekend the girls flipped it and got water in the cylinders to the point that it locked. I pulled the plugs pumped all the water out poured a Lil oil down the top ran it then put the plugs back in and the ski runs great.
    So today I bought a 97xp (same engine 787) for 800 however when I went to pick he had the water hose hooked up and turned on to the ski with out it running and water was comming out of the carbs and leaking from with I think is the bottem of the cylinder jug towards the front of the ski. Turns out he had the same problem on the same day I did so I repeated the process i did on my 96 and got it running. I took it out and it spudders no power out of the hole and my 96 according to the dream o meter is about 20 mph faster top end. The spudder clears up about 80% if u keep the throttle wide open but returns if u let it idle. Anyways thoughts suggestions and idea are welcome and needed

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    i would start with a compression test making sure that the motor is ok then go from there. If the compression is good should be 150 on both cylinders then go to the carbs .

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    I got around 120 ish on the 97 my 96 was slightly lower when I tested for a comparison however the 96 run a million times better. Now I wonder if my compression tester is bad or off. Any idea about the water being hooked up and leaking back through the carbs

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    it could happen i have sank my ski before and even rolled it in the surf jumping waves . just take the plugs out blow all the water out replace the plugs and run it till the water gets out of it. but 120 on compression is low try taking the rave valve out and looking at the side wall of the piston if you see scaring then its toast

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    Ok I'll do that, and just to make sure I'm doing it right I pull one plug hook up the compression tester and turn it over, which is what I did if that's right I'll have to test again and maybe buy a new tester mine is really old. See I'm confused if 120 is low and thats what I'm getting on my 96 it has to be the tester cuz the 96 is fast as balls IMO

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    Also what do the rave valves do? Those are the blak round thing with the red center right?

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    yes that is correct

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    if your piston looks like this then the top end will have to be gone thru

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    pull the rave valve out look down in the slot that the rave valve came out of with a flash light and see if there is any scoring on the side of the piston turn the motor by had so the piston goes up and down in the cylinder to check . if there isnt then you are in good shape but the last time i had water in my motor this is what happen

    Click image for larger version. 

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