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    1100 help needed!

    I am building a 1994 waveblaster with an 1100. I am using an 1996 waveraider 1100 as a donor ski. I have a couple questions regarding the carbs and fuel pump.
    1. When I dissasembled the carbs they had 107.5 mains in the outer two carbs and a 56 main in the center carb. Is this right? why is the center jet different? I have built plenty of 701's, but am new to the triple game.
    2. I want to get the head milled, what psi should I shoot for, and how much should I get milled off of it?
    3. I am putting the 155mm pump in the blaster with a wdk pump shoe, my donor ski has a 15/20 swirl skat prop in it, will this be too steep?
    4. is there any way to advance the timing?


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    center carb would be a're reading it upside down
    shoot for 150psi or less with a milled head.

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    I'd suggest sending the head to group k to have it milled. They know how to do it right. Mine ended up at about 145ish, but the important part is they machine the dome.

    Advancing the timing has to be done with either an aftermarket CDI or with an offset woodruff key. You probably wont have any luck finding a CDI for it.

    I can't tell you on the impeller pitch. I run the stock 144 pump on my 1200 Blaster. My buddy has an 1100 and he's running the stock pump too. I know a guy with a 155 pumped 1100 blaster though. I can find out what he runs.

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    The 15-20 swirl is a little steep in my sj. Would only turn 6000. It might be ok in the blaster but who knows. Try it and see what happens.

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