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    94 waveblaster 1 1100 swap

    This is going to be my thread to document my progress. I built this ski with a 701 and rode it for a season before needing more power. plans are as follows
    1100 out of 96 raider
    milled head
    155mm pump with trim out of the raider also
    currently have a skat 15/20 swirl, think it might be a little steep though.

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    started today by media blasting my extremely pitted and crusty exit nozzle and trim ring, and powdercoating them chrome. I also powdercoated the hardware blue to match the hull also.

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    There are a couple of those conversions in New Zealand and they go real well, get into that one for sure.

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    Subscribed. I've got a 1200 and my buddy has an 1100. Save all the exhaust parts from that raider, you'll need it. We just run waterbox #1 and lose the other one, you dont need it.

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    My friend just bought this with a 701 i should show him this. Is it a direct swap what are the majors that need to be switched out when you do this.

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    There's not very much you keep from the 701. Motor, electrics, carbs, exhaust all need to get replaced. If you keep the stock pump, you need to get a different impellor. You also have to figure out how you're going to mount the motor. There's several methods. I recommend glassing in the mounts.

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