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    GP1200R wont go over 30mph sometimes

    Just joined the forums and have an odd symptom I'm trying to diagnose with my gp1200r. When I first got it, it would be kind of sluggish out of the hole and between 30-40mph the power valves would come on and off switch and not very linear or with any correlation to throttle position. It had no comparison to the smoothness of my two other friends gp's. I also noticed it was more common to come and go when I was in rough water as opposed to smooth. I had narrowed it down to a bad PV servo motor, since they would not check themselves when the ski was turned off. I replaced it with a known good unit and took it out for a test run today. At first the ski wouldn't go over 10mph no matter how much throttle I gave it. After letting it warm up some more I finally got up to 30mph but it was very reluctant to go on plane and once again no matter how much throttle it received wouldn't go past 30. I want to say it is an electrical issue since it only reacts in rough water when being jarred by a wave. I wont say it's mechanical as I have gotten it up to 58mph and even today it eventually made it to 52mph before falling on its face and only going 30 again, which leaves me to believe it's an electrical issue.I checked and watched the servo motor open and close the PV's also to make sure it wasn;t the servo motor again. Would a CDI box or coil have an effect on power like this? Maybe a bad connection? I'm trying to see how others have dealt with this before throwing parts at it. Appreciate the help

    115psi on all cylinders
    ngk plus with 3 rides on them
    wave eater clips and couplers
    carbs rebuilt less than a year ago

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    anyone? Would a bad fuel filter cause the on/off symptom?

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    I would indeed search the fuel delivery first.. maybe take out the flapper on the bottom of the fuel pipes (inside the tank)... it may cause the on-off effect.

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    check your carb again maybe bad fuel jets...

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