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    rxt nozzle adjust????

    Hey, I have an 05 evrything about it a chop, it seems like I take a lot of spray in the face...Wish I had a trim control(I think the rxps do?) it possible I need to adjust the nozzle? I almost never have another rider and never a 3rd, I'm think the nozzle may be where it is as a comprimise for 1, 2, 3 riders? thanks for input!

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    I too have a 05 RXT and would like to add trim control. From what I have gathered on this the system may be transferable from a RXP and at great cost using new parts. I keep looking for a aftermarket kit or system but nothing yet.

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    I have the RXP and took a lot of water to the face even with adjustment. The spray defector on the front of the ski made a huge difference. I have the Hydro turf one.

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    thanks for replies...I thought of the defelector and would get one in a minute but was a little afraid/cautious that it may rip off when jumping ocean waves? anyone use one and jump in the ocean????

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