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    Looking for a Double Ski Trailer

    I am looking for a good double ski trailer, new or used, that has storage on the front, maybe a longer tongue for capacity, to haul a 2009 Yamaha FZR and a 2009 Yamaha SHO. I have a trailer in great shape now but no room on it for a storage box, the space on the tongue in front of the skis is too short. I am open to ideas...any conversions possible out there? Can we change a toungue on a trailer to give it more length or space or is that too difficult to bother??

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    Contact Shhr. He is the triton dealer for middle Tennessee and is who I bought my last two trailers from. I have had a mixture of skis on my double triton including an 2009 SHO and the even longer 2012 Fx SHO.

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