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    2002 genesis i sluggish off idle

    Hello Gurus,
    With help from this forum, I've been able to get my 2 genesis i's up & running pretty good,(an 02, & an 03) but there's still a little sluggishness comming off of idle on the '02. I can get it to jump up on plane with no problem, and at WOT I have been able to hit about 55mph indicated (so far, in chopy water). No problems starting & ideling, have fresh 92 octaine gas and new sparkplugs, so I'm wondering what I can do to cure the rough running at the low end of the throttle. I'm tempted to just leave it alone for now, and just run it as is for the summer, and take the throttle bodies off for a good cleaning and inspection in the fall, but I'm wondering if I even need to do that, since it's direct injection. Would some fuel injector treatment do any good, or a better question would be will it do any harm?
    Any suggestions?

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    Not to be a broken record, but have you checked the throttle position sensor? Everything on the injected skis is dependent on the information being sent by the TPS. If it is giving out inconsistent or bad information the ski wont run right. If both your skis use the same TPS you could swap them out and see if it cures the 02.

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