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    Jetski bomb narrowly averted.

    Took skis to a family get together and had to run for some boat parts while everyone played. Got a call from wife while I was over an hour away someone had flipped the Kawi STX1100DI and left it upside down out in the lake. Said when they finally got it flipped back over and to shore there was about 6" of water in the hull and it wouldnt start. Told her they needed to get it fired and clear the water out of it as quickly as possible and if it required starting fluid get it and use it to get it started. She called about 20 minutes later to say they got it running and everything appeared to be fine.

    2 days later we got to talking about it and I asked how much starting fluid they had to use to get it fired. She said "ALOT". When I heard this I cringed and said something about it usually only takes a small shot in the fire suppressor and they will fire right off. She then tells me the know it all helping her start it told her the starting fluid doesnt go in the fire suppressor, it goes in the hull air intake. All he did was take off the rear half of the seat and spary the starting fluid down the hull intake hoses. Apparently using nearly an entire can to get it started. I explained to wife this is NOT where the starting fluid goes and all he had done was make a gigantic bomb that they were lucky enough didnt go off from an electrical spark in the hull.

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    Damn! That's scary!

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    Where do people get these ideas?

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