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    03 SeaDoo XP Di Bilge Pump bad..?

    The water in the bilge is not pumping out and causing the ski to fill w/ water (but I caught it in time b4 eng. damage could have occured) ANyhow I can find no leaks, checked all hoses. The only thing that I can think it to be is a bad Bilge Pump...?
    Ran the ski on the hose all apppeared good, no aapparent leaks visible, and then while riunning the ski on the hose, I intentionally put water in the bilge and the bilge pump never engaged/started when water was clearly to the top of it -- so I feel it i safe to assume the Bilge Pump is a bad...?(I did check all connections and the 3 amp fuse is good -- not blown). So my question is currently has the RULE 500 GPH bilge pump in it -- it does not state automatic Bilge pump on the pump itself so Im assuming it is not the "automatic" bilge pump....from reading various posts this ski should have the Automatic Bilge 500 gph, not the non-automatic...??? Is that correct..? And also does it have to be the RULE brand..?
    ALSO: When the key is put on the post I do hear hear noise for 2-3 seconds from the bilge area but I dont think it is the bilge pump itself from putting my ear back there....Is that the VTS..? or what automatically "engages" for a quick second when the key is put onto the post..?

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    the fuel pump is most likely what you hear for a few seconds...

    Test the bilge pump by appling battery voltage to the two pump leads..
    And test the leads going to the pump for voltage..

    You can get a reasonable manual bilge pump from walmart - it will run only when the boat is running

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    Thanx for the do I perfrom that test..? Sorry for the dumb question...there are 2 wires leading to the pump a brown one and a black one. assuming the black in GND and the brown is the hot wire. so basically put the black wire on the battery - and the brown on the + and see if it powers..?

    Also so if a replacement Bilge Pump is needed, it does NOT have tobe the Automatic Bilge..? Hoping not becase they are more expensive..

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    Just a quick note...would replacing the jet pump oil somehow cause a new leak to occur..?I had my Seadoo guy
    perform the maintienace on my ski a few days ago to get it ready for the seaon..and it was on my first and only casual 30 min. run when the water filling issue occured...? NEVER had an issue last year.
    There is 2 little hoses in the jet pump that I can see and they are seemingly secure in place.
    Yes both plugs were in tightly

    Just trying to figure this out without having to take it back in and be charged $$$$

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    if he changed the pump oil he removed the pump venturi and there are 2 o-ring that seal the bailer tubes.. If those o-rings are missing or leaking you will get water into the hull through the bailers...

    One sure test is to lift the black bailer inside the hull and look while running the boat in the water on the trailer

    seems like that is the cause of your water - the bilde pump seems to be another issue..

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    You need the 25s Rule pump as its fully automatic.
    try here

    Have a look in the back of your pump from the rear do you see 2 bailer tubes ?
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    The 2 bailer tubes are there and appear/feel to be intact...
    So I believe fugured it out... .. I removed the Bilge pump Assy...tested it directly to the battery -- and low and behold it works -- power going to it and its making its "noise"... YAY..So I then verified once again the 3 amp fuse in the front box wasn't blown -- all good. So then I started tracing the wiring once again..and I found a corroded/broken red wire. The Bilg pump has the Brown and Blk wires coming out of it and they plug/connect to a a Red and Blk wire that goes into the Main harness -- it was the red wire that was broken off right at the connector. Plus the connector is/was severely corroded. So I cut of the connector on the end of the Brown and Blk wires and the connector for the red and Blk wires. So can i just splice these together -- meaning bypass the need for the connector piece -- so instead of connecting via the "connector" just splice them together..dont see the need for the connector -- I can just splice them together (Blk to Blk and the Brown to the Red) and use some elcetrical tape -- would that be cool you think...???

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    that may solve your pump issue... But since you have self bailers in the hull - you should only see a little water on the bottom...

    If the bailer o-ring are missing or leaking behind the pump venturi then the boat will take on water...

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