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    Bringing her back to life

    First post here so hello! Hope I can get some pointers.

    Just acquired a 2001 Pol Gen with direct injection- Was running great about 4 years ago. Started having some issues, mechanic in chand filters and I believe the tps (it looks new and there is an old one in the storage compartment). Was told ski ran but would not go above 30 and thought it was a spark plug related issue (again, 4 years ago).

    Replaced plugs (Parts store did not have the NGKs but was told autolites would replace them just fine)
    replaced gas and added sea foam
    charged battery and started right up.

    Issues- will not idle and will not go above 4k rpms.
    There is spark and fuel going to each cylinder. I unplugged each cylinder one at a time and would start on two. It doesnt matter what configuration of 2 cylinders or all three, runs the same. Also was able to briefly start it on each cylinder one at a time, so definitely spark and fuel.

    I read something about a good possibility of bad tps and to check, simply unplug tps and if it idles, that points to the problem. I unplugged the tps and it would start but die right away. giving it gas with the tps does nothing. Plugged tps back in, and I can rev it a little, but dies when gas is not squeezed. It begins to bog down at anything above half throttle and backfires a little.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance! I will keep everyone updated as I progress.

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    Have you checked your fuel pressure? Should be at least 20 psi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Comp View Post
    Have you checked your fuel pressure? Should be at least 20 psi.
    fuel press only the proper ngk plugs compression test to be sure

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